Announcing: iPaladin's Corporate Transparency Act Compliance Capabilities

We're excited to unveil enhancements to iPaladin’s Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) compliance capabilities. Our updated platform transforms CTA compliance from a regulatory challenge into a strategic asset, accommodating family dynamics such as trust terminations, generational transitions, and minors becoming adults.

Streamlining CTA Compliance and BOIR E-Filing

Utilize our advanced SmartRecord technology to streamline e-filing and enhance collaboration with legal counsel. Our "Family Office Guide to CTA Compliance" offers a practical blueprint for navigating CTA regulations, enriched with case studies that demonstrate strategic compliance management for 2024 filings and ongoing operations.

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The Leader in Digital Family Office Technology

This update solidifies iPaladin’s role as a pioneer in family office technology, setting us apart from conventional CRM, ERP, and project management systems. By seamlessly integrating compliance into daily workflows, iPaladin ensures regulatory changes bolster rather than burden your operations.

iPaladin: The Digital Family Office™ Nexus

iPaladin, a patented platform, redefines family office management by integrating RegTech, Knowledge Management, and Blockchain. Tailored for long-lasting family legacies, it digitizes 100% of wealth documentation and automates 80% of governance tasks. This transformation not only increases transparency and control, but also empowers family offices to operate more effectively and securely.

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"iPaladin is way more than a project management software. It really has changed everything for the better."

2022, Brad S., MFO Founder/CEO

"When we started using iPaladin we actually found a handful of errors that the previous teams didn't catch."

2022, Susan L., Principal Accounting Advisor

"Our team loves the way the system is designed. It's really simple and not overly decorative, it's straightforward and familiar."

2021, Tebbi P., SFO Office Leader

"iPaladin is way more than a project management software. It really has changed everything for the better."

2019, Scott W. SFO Executive

"iPaladin has helped us automate our everyday work and we've gained about 30-40% more time because everyone is on the same page from the beginning."

2021, James K., Partner MFO Business Leader