Unleash your family office's potential.

We've once again, revolutionized how the business of running a family office is done with Services SmartRecords.

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The average family office handles over 4,000 recurring processes and tasks for every billion dollars under management. Combine that with disjointed communication and lack of transparency, and you have a recipe for risk and inefficiency.

That's why we created an all-new way to run the business of a family office.

We call them Services SmartRecords.

With Services SmartRecords, family offices can define, schedule, assign, and automate their operations to ensure accuracy, boost collaboration, and improve governance. Freeing up your most vital resources to focus on strategic growth.

150+ process templates.

Designed by family office professionals, our 150+ ready-to-use process templates help you digitize your family office operations quickly and efficiently. With these templates, you can create a collaborative workflow that ensures every wealth activity can be precisely executed, holistically documented, and comprehensively preserved.

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Lifecycle management.

Never miss a key action or task again. With Services SmartRecords, even the most detailed requirements found in contracts, agreements, and securities can be managed and automated even years in advance.

"iPaladin has been a key factor in refining our family office's operations. It has made our internal controls more efficient and every process more streamlined. The real difference is transparency; Service SmartRecords effectively link all aspects of our team's work - from communications and workflows to documents and meetings, leading to better documentation. With iPaladin, our problem-solving is faster, administrative tasks are lighter, and our team can devote more time to strategic planning and providing quality service to our client."

Manage, monitor and collaborate.

Oversee project progress with a comprehensive view of individual and collaborative work as it progresses through the family office from a single dashboard.

Audit ready documentation.

Using blockchain technology, the iPaladin Service SmartRecord seamlessly integrates the communication, documents, and work contributions of each role, creating an immutable “digital memory” of the family offices' daily business. Benefiting generations of today and tomorrow.

What would your family office do with 30-40% more capacity?

Estimates show that 30-40% of family office human capital is wasted; tracking work, locating files and documents, plugging data gaps, navigating information silos etc. Services SmartRecords remove that friction and provide teams step-by-step repeatable processes as well as a complete record of previous work for future reference.

Our Three

Types of Service SmartRecords

Compliance SmartRecords
For recurring discretionary or non-discretionary activities.
Task SmartRecord
For one-time or irregularly scheduled discretionary or non-discretionary activities.
Event SmartRecord
For one-time or recurring meetings with or without corporate formalities.
With iPaladin technology isn't a cost center.
It becomes a value-add strategic function that brings clarity and control to operations by reducing the burden of manual processes and unlocking the strategic capabilities of teams.

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“Empower your family office with smartrecords”

See how iPaladin can provide cost and risk mitigation while simultaneously empowering staff, and ensuring that every action the office takes aligns with the family's long-term goals.

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