File folders and tagging systems are now obsolete.

Our Document SmartRecords revolutionize how family offices manage documents.

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No more file folders on various servers.
No more duplicative, misplaced, mislabeled files.

With hundreds of thousands of files and documents created each year, family office document management is vital.

That's why we created the patented technology exclusively available in iPaladin, Document SmartRecords.

Now documents are universally curated, automatically named, organized and secured, plus they are directly linked to necessary tasks, calendar events, family members, partners, projects and more.

Document storage made intuitive.

Documents are now available to everyone that needs them without the use of server based file folders or desktop shortcuts.

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Process and documents brought together.

By linking documents to related process workflows, people, and calendar events, your team gains full transparency and increases understanding and efficiency.

“Traditional folder systems and tags couldn’t keep pace with our document needs. iPaladin’s Document SmartRecords, don’t just store document files –it transforms them into collaborative assets. iPaladin has allowed us to build an efficient family office operating engine that is free from the confines of file folders, emails and portals.”

Automated logical
organization and naming.

iPaladin's intake process allows for the classification and assignment of documents which guides the naming convention and effective organization.

One document. It’s that simple.
Now you no longer need to save documents in multiple relevant file folders. Using Document SmartRecords means one document can be accessed and made available in multiple places.

Secure communication and collaboration.

Never expose your sensitive information to a third-party email or messenger app again. An added bonus of the Document SmartRecords system within iPaladin is the ability to securely collaborate, share, and communicate with family and team members within the platform.

Understanding leads to scaling.

SFOs can scale faster because their files are easily understandable by staff, boosting their abilities. The system organizes and labels documents with clear attributes that frame their importance and role in managing the family’s wealth.

When you onboard using Document SmartRecords you gain the added benefit of a full audit of your documents & files. On average our customers see that many of their documents are duplicative or missing entirely.
key features of

Document SmartRecords

Precision Tracking
Every document uploaded has a distinct name, ID, and timestamp.
Unified Access
Assign one document to multiple subjects, minimizing confusion and duplication.
Digital Trail
Link documents to processes to provide greater context and full transparency.
Internal Secure Sharing
Communication happens directly within the SmartRecord allowing for sensitive information to stay within iPaladin’s secure platform.

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“Securing Family Documents with Blockchain”

A family office's documents guide decisions, mitigate risks, and foster family consensus. How are you ensuring your documents are safe, secure, and accurate? 

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