About us

Trusted by hundreds of family offices worldwide, iPaladin The Digital Family Office is the only comprehensive operating system built by and for family offices.

Designed specifically for family offices, we’ve simplified and secured management since 2010. We offer unmatched transparency and collaboration. Our digital tools outperform other systems and traditional methods. With iPaladin, your team accelerates tasks, makes swift decisions, and transitions smoothly - whether it’s staff change or generational shift.

Our Patented Technology Makes All The Difference

iPaladin has patented technologies made just for managing the business of a family office: the people, processes, and information driving valuation and performance. Simply put, no other system or combination of systems supports your work as effectively as iPaladin.

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We aim to simplify transparency and collaboration for knowledge workers. Instead of working alone on desktops, we’ve created a shared workspace where everyone can find what they need, work together, and prioritize the business’s best interests.

Our mission is to enhance how family offices operate. We take pride in our progress and are committed to creating tools that benefit generations. Our ultimate goal? To fortify family businesses for lasting success and a robust future.

Founder & CEO

Jill Creager

Jill Creager knows family offices inside and out. Over the last three decades, she has worked with high-net-worth clients in law, banking, and family offices. Disturbed by the declining transparency and collaboration in business systems, she started her own family office in 2008. Active with The Florida Bar since 1995, she contributed to Florida’s Family Trust Company laws in 2015 and has been recognized by organizations like Private Asset Management Magazine and Family Wealth Report. At iPaladin, Jill is focused on meeting client needs, often using their feedback for improvements. Jill aspires to enable families to oversee their wealth digitally, prioritizing privacy and legacy control.

Our Advisory Board

Why iPaladin Remains Independent
A question we often hear is, “Have you taken private equity money?” The simple answer: No.

We understand the concerns behind it. With big investments, company directions can shift. Our founder, Jill Creager, holds the largest share of iPaladin. This ensures that our core values remain steadfast. Our main backers are family offices like yours, and they’re also loyal clients. We know the hesitations about trusting a family office system to a large corporation.

Choose iPaladin, and you’re choosing a partner that prioritizes family needs. Our mission, pioneering technology, and dedicated Advisory Board all align to serve the best interests of family offices.