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Family Offices are complex ecosystems. Our patent- protected Digital Family Office offers clarity & control to both professionals and family members, helping to unlock the full potential of great wealth.

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What is


Friction is anything that interrupts your workflow. It can be as simple as not being able to readily locate the document you need to complete your next task. It can be as complex as trying to make sense of a historic transaction with crucial information or documentation missing.


We estimate that 20 percent of a family office’s human capital is spent addressing the challenges created by friction.

Struggling to make sense of your private market investments?

“One of the most common friction complaints comes from private market investments. These often require a high degree of engagement and stewardship, yet the idiosyncratic nature of these opportunities exacerbates the level of friction experienced as “management” systems fail to organize their peculiarities. Time and resources are spent trying to chase and collate information on the investment. The opportunity cost of this time is unquantifiable.”

- Jill Creager, CEO & Founder, iPaladin

How iPaladin's DFO

Solves Friction

iPaladin’s Digital Family Office is a Governance-as-a-Service solution. Friction is the result of a fractured governance framework and is exacerbated by multidisciplinary teams, disparate technology tools and the absence of a controlled environment for collaboration and strategic decision making.


Directly addressing the governance deficit facing family offices, iPaladin adds a strategic layer that brings transparency and scalability to operations whilst reducing the risk of operational errors, costly mistakes, and relationship breakdowns. iPaladin means you do not have to manage data, instead, you can govern your work.


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