Modern family offices comprise a broad network of professionals and advisors to assist in the management of great wealth. But, a reliance on different office tools and reporting mechanisms can create a fragmented ecosystem, making it difficult to gain a complete  view of the family’s wealth, whilst also underminings fiduciary oversight and governance.

Digital Family Office is a blockchain powered technology that bridges the gap between professional teams and the family. It sits above the reporting level, capturing all operational knowledge in a single, secure space.

Built with military-grade security, DFO unites, connects and protects all elements of family business so that teams can work better together.

DFO is the solution for any family that wants to improve governance, retain clarity and empower better decision making now and in the future.

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Why iPaladin is different

Family offices need a collaboration strategy

When information is shared unilaterally among several parties, valuable data can be lost or misplaced . This can make it difficult to gain a complete picture of the entire wealth ecosystem, undermining fiduciary oversight and controls. 

As a result, time and resources are diverted from value maximization to risk mitigation - i.e. plugging the gaps.  

For the family, this means opportunities to grow family wealth may be overlooked.  

And, missing information and ambiguity can lead to family conflict and the breakdown of relationships. 

A collaboration strategy can solve these challenges by sharing information among permissioned parties.

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How DFO solves the collaboration challenge

Through intentional design, DFO elevates the operations of the family office by promoting genuine collaboration to support transparency, truth and value creation.

We enhance governance

DFO allows operational knowledge to be captured, shared and evolved in a single, secure space. Wealth holders and their advisers can now work from a single-source of truth, reducing the need for problem solving and unlocking resources for value maximization.

We create a digital memory

Powered by blockchain technology, DFO is an intuitive way to organize and chronicle data, creating a digital memory of family business for the benefit of today’s generation, and generations yet to come.

We protect you with military grade security

Our one-way in, one-way out architecture provides DFO with military grade security, protecting family records and data from external threats.

Our clients

“It’s hard follow in the footsteps of a father who built a global company from boot strapped efforts. With iPaladin’s option to record every advisor’s contribution it was easy to integrate into the family office network, understand everyone’s role and find ways to add value.”

Assuming leadership of 2nd generation family office

2018 | 40 year old 2nd generation
family member

“I don’t want 50 employees. I want 10 with the right tools”

Future proofing a 5th generation 100-year old family office

2020 | 35 year old

“iPaladin provided me with a bird’s eye view to see and verify without having to ask. And since we have had a lot of turnover, I wanted everything digitized. iPaladin now enables a new person to easily step in and train themselves.”

Finding peace of mind as a 3rd generation family office CEO

2018 | 31 year old 3rd generation
family member

A successful solution is one that is tailored to your specific needs. We are happy to answer any questions you have to get started on this journey together!

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CEO & Founder, iPaladin

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