iPaladin is a blockchain-powered fiduciary technology
for next-generation family offices

What it does

iPaladin’s Digital Family Office (DFO) allows management information and operational knowledge to be captured, shared and evolved in a single, immutable platform, for an unrivaled level of transparency, control and empowerment.

Why is it unique

iPaladin’s DFO redefines what family offices need from their technology stack. Built from the ground up with the specific needs of family offices in mind, it is setting new standards for the growth of generational wealth.

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How it achieves this

Removing the friction created by disparate systems or manual processes, DFO combines critical operational and management features - from knowledge representation and documents management through to compliance and trust administration and archiving - in a single, secure platform.

Why iPaladin is different

Built from the ground up with the specific needs of families in mind, iPaladin sets a new standard for the growth of generational wealth

Gives Control

Offers families unrivaled transparency, control and empowerment by placing their wealth governance at the core of the system’s architecture.

Manages Knowledge

Provides a comprehensive, customizable knowledge system, allowing info to be captured, stored, shared & created in a single, immutable platform.

Maximizes Value

Allows advisors to focus on value maximization rather than risk mitigation, ensuring teams can exploit collaborative opportunities across the ecosystem.

Reduces Risk

Reduces room for error by transforming best practices into an efficient and scalable set of collaborative controls.

Protects Legacies

Through military grade security workflows and immutable record keeping, DFO protects legacies now and for generations to come.

Our clients

“It’s hard follow in the footsteps of a father who built a global company from boot strapped efforts. With iPaladin’s option to record every advisor’s contribution it was easy to integrate into the family office network, understand everyone’s role and find ways to add value.”

Assuming leadership of 2nd generation family office

2018 | 40 year old 2nd generation
family member

“I don’t want 50 employees. I want 10 with the right tools”

Future proofing a 5th generation 100-year old family office

2020 | 35 year old

“iPaladin provided me with a bird’s eye view to see and verify without having to ask. And since we have had a lot of turnover, I wanted everything digitized. iPaladin now enables a new person to easily step in and train themselves.”

Finding peace of mind as a 3rd generation family office CEO

2018 | 31 year old 3rd generation
family member

A successful solution is one that is tailored to your specific needs. We are happy to answer any questions you have to get started on this journey together!

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Jill Creager
CEO & Founder, iPaladin

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