iPaladin's November Webinar

Corporate Transparency Act
Our webinar will ensure that you have the necessary knowledge and tools available to you and your team before the Corporate Transparency Act goes into effect in January, 2024.

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November 13th
9am - 10:15 am est.

Join the iPaladin Family Office Education Community as we dive deep into the Corporate Transparency Act and how it will impact family offices.

Our Panel of Speakers

Jennie Cherry, Esq. TEP
Kozusko Harris Duncan
Deciphering Corporate Transparency Act (CTA)

With a robust knowledge of the CTA, Jennie Cherry will provide background on where the CTA came from, what it is, and why family offices must pay it greater attention.
David Naples, Esq. LLM
Frontline Insights

Gain first-hand knowledge from a family office that’s ahead of the curve. David Naples will discuss how his team has gotten ahead of the technology curve in preparation for the unprecedented disclosures required by the CTA.
Brent Avery, J.D.
Eliminate Blind Spots

Hear how Brent Avery's team at iPaladin is helping family offices develop workflows across companies, trusts, and family members with built-in automated alerts and more to ensure regulatory accuracy.